Friday, 25 May 2012

Crazy Chew Mayfly madness

Fished the Lower Chew. After a slowish start with brisk wind making casting difficult things began to improve. To start plenty of Maylfly coming off but not a huge amount of fish rising. I tempted an out of season Grayling on the nymph and few small Brownies mainly to a Paradun but some on the nymph. However a switch turned at about seven and the river just came alive - Mayfly everywhere and fish rising all over the place. I began targeting bigger fish and fished exclusively on the dry for the last few hours and caught in excess of 20 Brownies to about 12" and one Dace.

Biggest of the day
At times the fish would ignore the fly on the dead drift but attack with vigour as I retrieved. Many of the fish that I caught had distended belly's from gorging on the Mayfly feast! Met Nick early in the session who had taken a few fish on the dry. Had a close encounter with a Badger that trotted past on the bank literally feet from  me before dusk had even fallen. 

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