Saturday, 12 May 2012

Lower and Upper Chew visit

Fished Lower and Upper Chew. Weather was clear and sunny but not warm for this time of year. The Lower Chew was carrying a fair bit of water and was coloured particularly in the pools. I gave it a go and caught a small Brownie on the nymph. Lots of fly life coming off - I think some were Yellow May but I stand to be corrected. 
Then moved on to Upper Chew which was incredibly clear with at least a third more water coming through than normal. The gravel had been washed clean and the stream looked vibrant. Unfortunately the fish seemed a bit conspicuous by their absence. I caught one small Rainbow which I recognised from my last visit. Saw no rises at all even though the odd Mayfly was drifting over the water.

Female Banded Demoiselle

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  1. What a fantastic blog, which I found from the KAA website. The Chew is a fantastic stream which I've recently started fishing, if a little challenging in places. I've been fishing the Bathampton section north of the bridge at Compton Dando which is good, but I wanted to fish south of the EA flume, so joined the Keynshamm AA. Do you fish the stretch from the bridge south towards Keynsham, called Uplands?