Monday, 21 May 2012

Bristol Frome - fishing better than ever

After a tiresome day at work I checked out of family duties for an evening on the Bristol Frome. This little river I take for granted but it's always there just 5 minutes away to take my mind off work. I usually end up here if I get frustrated in the traffic and tonight was just about as bad as it gets at about 17:30! Anyway my favourite little pool turned up the goods with a nice fish at about 11" on the dry that I cast to rising on the far bank. This was quickly followed by a couple more on the nymph. On  the way down I could see the spate had shifted a few mature trees and opened up a space for me to cast downstream to stretch I could did not normally fish. Just a little flick to a dimple that look more like a Dace than a Brownie. It was another nice little Brownie to the dry.

As you move downstream the river slows up and I watched some big Chub (3lb+) rolling on the surface - one day I'll target these and be successful on the fly. Next fish on the nymph another Brownie although a slight different colouration - almost plum tinting and different characteristics to the normal Brownies here. 

I lost a good fish of over a pound rising under some Alders but soon made up for this with three more lovely Brownies including my Bristol Frome PB which must have been over 1.5lb. The last two rising within metres of the motorway stanchions. In all I must have caught 10 or more wild Brown Trout and lost 3. This was my first visit this year and if anything the fishing seems to be better than ever. On the way back to the car I clocked a good 12" fish in the Bradley Brook but couldn't tempt it.

My Bristol Frome PB - blurred as light was fading.


  1. Fantastic! I've caught a few lovely trout and chub last year a bit further up, in between Winterbourne and Frampton Cotterell. This was on small spinners and soft plastic jigs. Funnily enough, I started learning to fly fish late last year and have just bought myself a small rod with the intention of wandering up from Frenchay to Frampton. Tight Lines!

    1. Its good to hear trout are caught further up I used to see rising trout all the way up to Yate 10 years ago but not sure that is the case now. Its difficult to fly fish without wading and a lot of stretches are slow and deep towards Frenchay where only a small lure fly will do. You can catch Dace, Chub, Roach and Brown Trout on fly on Frome together with the odd Minnow on the smallest of nymphs.