Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Frome in flood and Rainbows between the rain.

Fished one of the lakes this evening which was the colour of hot chocolate. Rivers too high after excessive rain. I was desperate to get out and fish as it was fairly mild with overcast skies, no wind and just light rain. Rising Rainbows were focused on Hawthorn Flies drifting on the surface. I tried to match as best I could with a Black Sedge pattern. I had numerous rises to this and a Black Klink but missed all of them. The fish I did catch took a small buzzer on a slow retrieve just 18 inches below. Ended up with two in the net and one snap off - not too bad after looking at the returns book.

Took the lads out Sunday (29/4/2012) to look at the Bristol Frome and Bradley Brook which were both running high and flooding the banks after the rains.

The Frome at Frenchay

About to breach the bridge at Winterbourne Down

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