Sunday, 22 April 2012

It's a waiting game but I find a few fish between the April showers..

Fished Upper Chew today. The rivers have just been too high of late but this morning saw a clear sky start and there had been a good 24hrs before the last heavy bout of rain. Was hoping to fish the Wellow on Friday but it was just too high and coloured. Today I visited the Lower Chew but it was holding too much colour for my liking so moved on upstream. As ever fished NZ style and caught a nice little Rainbow on the first undercut bend. As it came to my hand a much larger Rainbow followed it in. I cast several times to the same undercut and my Klink sunk away. I hit solid resistance and struggled to hold what looked like monster Rainbow dashing for the roots of a nearby tree. Unfortunately my 3lb tippet broke leaving me cursing. I deliberated for a while and upgraded my tippet to 4lb and this is the minimum I will go to now on the Upper Chew. I went on to catch seven fish. Some nice little Brownies and a few smaller wild Rainbows to half a pound. They all fell to a Goldhead Hares Ear type nymph. I had one tentative rise to the dry but did not connect. At one particularly productive pool I set up my little camera on video in the sunlight and managed to net a nice wild Rainbow in the moment.

Lovely morning while it lasted with Lady's Smock flowering profusely in the meadows and Wild Garlic just coming into bloom on the banks. Within a couple of hours the rain had started to fall and the fish just did not want to play ball. Another wet week ahead!

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