Friday, 13 April 2012

Friday Fish is back on the River Chew

Early finish got me out on the River Chew again today. For whatever reason fishing on Friday just seems to have an extra kick for me perhaps because I feel I should be at work! Met up with Keynsham AA President Rich Denning and Red to fish Compton Dando. Sun was out with quite a lot of fly life coming off and a tint of colour in the water which was up a bit from two weeks back. I got there early and watched the Dippers nest building by the bridge presumably the same pair from last year. In the first run I connected with three Grayling on the nymph. I missed one take on the dry and that was all the surface action I would see today. The Grayling were not quite what I was looking for but enjoyable nonetheless with the bigger fish making use of the fast water to test my little rod. Second stop and another good male Grayling giving a definitive tug from depths of a small pool. In the end I finally hooked a few small wild Brownies in one of the deeper pools downstream.

Red and I parted company with Rich and headed for the Upper Chew. By the time we got out the car the second time the rain had started to pour. Undeterred we fished on. I was pleased with a couple of really nice wild Brownies, one pushing 0.75lb mark, and a spirited nice little Rainbow. Great start to the weekend.


  1. Nice fish! Never did get that email ;)

    Ever fished the amalglamation section of the chew?

  2. Not fished it but checked it out a few years back - not sure it is worth fishing as it is fairly short, slowish and is choked with reeds/weed. Their stretch on the Cam is great though, especially Mayfly time - if you enjoy confined casting and jungle fishing. I have sent you another mail. I responded direct from Gmail so I'm not sure if that's causing the problem.

  3. Yeah have seen the Cam, it has its days.

    Still no joy with the email, not even in the junk folder! If you'd be so kind as to try once more I'd be very greatful. Try sending to or our business email which can be found on our website.