Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Easter in Cornwall - trout, walking, surf and skatepark.

Tried a couple of streams just 10 minutes from our base in Cornwall. Both times just fished the dry. First stream meandered through thick woodland no larger than a meter across in most areas but plenty of small Brownies particularly in the deeper pools. Technically it was near impossible to fish as to get a cast in meant spooking fish. Suffice it to say I failed to catch. We didn't blank altogether as my eldest son managed catch in his hands a Brook Lamprey which was good to see again. Most eventful moment was me careering down an ancient stone wall and ending up thigh deep in peaty mud with nothing but pair of jeans and walking boats on - luckily Rich W was on hand to haul me out. Second stream is one I've fished a number times before and is fairly open to allow a full overhead cast which you need to avoid spooking fish as it too could barely be classified as a stream. Plentiful trout though which will rise to almost any dry fly. In an hour my son and I handed in at least 10 spirited little fish - great evening.

Although we had some sun, and one particularly nice day on a secluded cove at St Anthony's head, the weather wasn't great. We had a nice family walk to Polly Joke where we saw Raven, Wheatear, Skylark, and Merlin. Surf when it arrived was marred with strong Westerly winds. I had couple sessions with Rich W on Fistral and Great Western but nothing too memorable. Mount Hawke skatepark was good value with the kids, even made me want to dust of the old skateboard and have a go myself. 


  1. Hi,
    Just found your blog. It seems we've fished similar streams in the Bristol area, as well as visiting the same places in Cornwall. I'm often around the Roseland Peninsula in the summer months although I haven't sampled any of the trout streams yet. Do you have any info on the clubs that run these places? The small wooded stream sounds delicious!

  2. Adam - sent you a mail. Regards Mike

  3. Thanks Mike, appreciate that although it must be stuck in cyberspace as I don't seem to have received it yet! Thanks again, Adam