Monday, 2 April 2012

Day two and on to the Upper Chew

Day off saw me fishing lower beat of Upper Chew after a pleasant family morning watching my son playing football at Cleeve for South Gloucestershire. Water very low and clear with just the pools holding fish. Yet another lovely  spring day. Spent some time out just observing and photographing the Brook Lamprey spawning and also noticed a good number of Bullheads in the clear water. Saw some big Rainbow's and they really do look out of place in this little stream as they speed torpedo like up and down the shallow runs. I ended up catching three Brownies and one nice wild Rainbow all on the nymph. Had a couple of half-hearted rises to the Klink but did not connect. Saw three other anglers on the beat. Looking at the weather for Easter and we appear to be heading for a month of extremes - we need rain not snow!

Brook Lamprey spawning in the gravel

Wild Brownie from the Upper Chew

Nice wild Rainbow

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