Sunday, 1 April 2012

River Chew for the first day on the rivers 2012

Fished my local stretch of the Chew today with Red and Dave, who was on his way down to Dorset. A light frost gave way to a pleasant spring day that although brought glorious sunshine was a good 5 degrees centigrade less than the earlier week. The river was fairly low and clear. Dippers on the water and a pair of Roe Deer scampering along the steep banks. Fished NZ with a Klink and Copper John about 24" below. In the first run a small Brownie came to hand and then a decent sized Grayling. I then moved downstream and hooked another better sized Brownie. Nothing was being persuaded by the Klink in fact I am not sure I saw one fish rise all session. I ended up with four Brownies and the one Grayling all to the Copper John. On some of the deep pools I extended the dropper and weighted the line but never had a pull taking this approach. Great to back out on the rivers with dry waders!
First fish 2012

Best Brownie of opening day

Dave casting to what I call the telegraph pool.

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